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Entering Game Results
  Scorekeepers, you will all now be asked to enter...
Self Assigning Games
Entering Game Results

Scorekeepers, you will all now be asked to enter the results of the game you keep score on. To do this, simply go to the Teams menu, find one of the teams that are playing, click Results in the left menu, and edit the game you're scoring. 

All you'll need to do is enter the final score for each team. If a game goes to a shootout, the winning team will simply have 1 more point than the losing team. Do not record a point for each goal scored in a shootout. The losing team in a shootout will receive 1 Extra Point for losing in a shootout. This will result in the winning team getting 2 points in the standings and the losing team getting 1 point.

If there are any incidents in your game, please log the incident in the Incident Log. An incident includes any major penalty, game ejection, game misconduct, or match penalty. There are further disciplinary actions that need to be taken by the league and this will be our method of tracking as I'm certain there have been unreported ejections this year.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Self Assigning Games